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Our Goal At KO Basketball

To teach/educate effective skills and fundamentals of basketball to the next generation of hoopers using various drills and training techniques.

To mentor youth to maximize potential through advice from various basketball experiences in my career.

About K.O. - Kenny Otieno

Kenny Otieno (born June 21, 1991) is a Kenyan-Canadian professional basketball player who recently played for the Saint John Riptide of the National Basketball League of Canada. He played college basketball with Alberta, redshirting two seasons after getting injured then came back and earned all-conference honors. Born in Nairobi, Otieno was brought up in Vancouver then to Edmonton for university and attended Winston Churchill High School in Lethbridge. At the professional level, he has primarily competed in the NBL Canada, although he has spent time in Spain as well.

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Training Sessions

Individual Sessions

Learn the fundamentals of basketball in a dedicated one on one session.

Advanced Group Training

Learn the fundamentals of basketball in a fast and fun group setting with friends.

Team Training

Learn the fundamentals of basketball in a team setting using drills and strategies to improve efficiency and team weaknesses

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