What's good! If you are reading this, thank you for checking out my website, much appreciated! My goal is to hopefully inspire and motivate young hoopers or anybody in general, that anything is possible with a positive mindset and consistent hard work.

Basketball has opened the door to a lot of opportunities in my life that I am thankful for. Although, what my highlight videos and pictures do not show is the injuries and rejection from teams/coaches. Through all the injuries and rejection, I tried to keep a positive outlook and often said to myself, 'it could be worse'.

Though it was tough at first to handle the injuries and rejection that came my way, I started to realize that injuries and rejection are just part of the basketball business and often it is out of my control. I then started focusing on what I can control. Adjusting my mentality on how to approach hardships has helped me become a better basketball player and better person in general which I believe is a huge factor that can help the young generation. The greatest joy that I have from playing basketball professionally is the connections built and influence on young minds I have had and witnessed. I am not as influential as an NBA player or big time athlete but nothing is more satisfying than hearing or seeing how kids that I interact with through games, camps or community events are positively influenced.

Through training and mentoring, I want to help the next generation of hoopers understand how to adjust their mentality to approach hardships that come from basketball to maximize their potential.